KB's Rescue

Kitty Baby, or KB for short, was stuck in a pine tree for 3 days.  He was a sweet rescuee, but he insisted that I walk all the way out to him on a very thin branch in order to make the grab.  He stayed about 10 feet from the trunk but thankfully he wasn't very high in the tree and my primary tie in point and other limbs above gave me 2 good anchors so that I could safely make my way to him.

Quite often I discover some pretty amazing coincidences when I get talking to the folks who call me for help.  Such was the case today.  It turns out that KB's owner, Mike, is a school teacher at a local high school.  His classroom is right next to another teacher who I've been in contact with about starting a tree climbing program at the school.  It is a small world among cat rescuing, tree climbing aficionados for sure!