Buster's Rescue

"Buster" is an unknown cat who had been stuck for 4 days in a red oak along the driveway of a friendly lady named Ruby.  Buster was meowing a lot (good sign) which led me to guess that he was not feral.  As I was attempting to get my rope into the tree Buster climbed down the tree about 15 feet clearing a nice strong fork in the tree for me to use.  As I got closer to him It was clear that he is very friendly since he was kneading the tree truck and trying desperately to get closer to me.  While I was figuring out how to pull myself closer to him, he took matters into his own paws and climbed around the trunk of the tree in a very precarious maneuver.  Risky though it was, Buster's move did allow me to quickly grab him and give him some loving before bagging him for the ride down.

Buster was very emaciated and it seems that he was malnourished even before being stuck in the tree for 4 days.  This and the fact that he is not neutered are reasons to think that he does not have a human owner.  That said he is one of the sweetest cats I have ever met so I'm not sure where he could have learned that without a loving owner.

Ruby volunteered one bay of her garage to house Buster for a night or two while he regained his strength and she continued to ask around to find his owners.  She doesn't feel like she is in a position to adopt him.  If anyone in the piedmont of North Carolina would like a sweet male cat please leave a comment here or email through my website www.rescuemycat.org.  I will update this message as soon as I have more information.

Update 5/31/2016.  Buster was taken to Second Chance Pet Adoptions in Cary NC where he was given all his shots and neutered.  He regained his strength and added on a pound of weight during his quarantine period.  Soon after he was available for adoption a woman and her daughter fell in love with big boy Buster and brought him into their loving home!  Thank you Second Chance Pet Adoptions and for all those who donate to this great organization!