Dax's Rescue

Dax was only 15 feet high and had not been in his tree long, but his owner couldn't bear to leave him unattended any longer.  She had called the fire department, animal control (who gave her my number) and then the fire department again to ask for help.  Two officers from the fire department came to check out the situation but told her they couldn't attempt the rescue for liability reasons.

Dax was only 5 minutes from my office and I had all my gear in the car so I was happy to attempt the rescue.  Start to finish the rescue was only about 8 minutes long once I started climbing.  The memorable thing about Dax is how he hissed from the time I scruffed him until he was back on the ground.  Even his owner was nervous about letting him out of the bag after such an uncharacteristic show of anger. Thankfully once he was out of the bag he was his normal sweet self.

Please note that the utility lines that are visible in the video are not power lines.  They are telecommunication lines that posed no danger to me or to Dax.