Sam's Windy "Rescue"

Sam was only stuck in his tree for 1 night but his human mom was worried sick about him.  When I arrived the wind was howling as a warm front was bringing in some nice warm spring weather.  It was a beautiful day to climb a tree - but that definitely not how Sam saw things.  I never actually touched him on this "rescue" which I put in quotes because really Sam rescued himself - kind of.  First let me say that everything worked out just fine, but Sam was so fearful of me that he ended up going further and further out the branch.  A combination of gusty wind and me unavoidably wiggling the branch caused him to lose his grip and dangle for a time from the underside of the limb before falling.  He fell about 15 feet and landed in the top of a soft springy pine tree.  As I lowered myself to his level he again preferred to jump down instead of making contact with me.  He scurried off into the woods and was back inside his house before I could even get my rope out of the tree.