Gray Cat's Rescue

Gray Cat, a male kitten, had been stuck in a tree about 30 feet off the ground for 5 days when I got the call asking for help.  It was the afternoon of Easter Sunday when Gray Cat's owner, Jean, finally found my website and called.  Gray Cat had been abandoned 3 weeks earlier by someone who dropped him at the entrance to the chicken farm where Jean lives and works. The problem is Jean can't have cats on a chicken farm so she was feeding him, trying to keep him hidden from the farm owner, and trying to decide what to do with him.  Apparently, she hadn't been able to think of a more appropriate name for Gray Cat (who is not very gray at all) in that amount of time.

Then one day while Gray Cat was minding his own business he was chased up a tree - probably by a stray dog or coyote.  It took Jean a long time to locate Gray Cat in the wooded area behind her home, but thankfully he would meow whenever she got close enough to hear her voice.

When Jean called me to enquire about the rescue she asked if I knew of anyone who could adopt Gray Cat and give him a good home.  I told her I would see what I could do and on my way out the door I posted the request on my Facebook page  By the time I got to Jean's house I already had an offer of help from a local rescue agency.  They were interested to know how good with people Gray Cat is - a criterion that is most indicative of whether a cat can be adopted out or not.

The rescue was a bit longer than usual since Gray Cat was playing hard to get. I was concerned that his skittish behavior might indicate that he wouldn't be very adoptable.  Thankfully, after about 20 minutes of patiently waiting, Gray Cat came to within reach and I quickly scruffed him and got him into the rescue bag.

Once back inside, Gray Cat was happily gobbling down food and showing what a sweet kitty he is.  He was rubbing up against me, Jean, my friend Merle, and my son.

When my wife saw the footage of Gray Cat she suggested that we adopt Gray Cat so that our rambunctious 10 month old male cat has another kitty to play with.  That got us all thinking about the possibilities and the next morning I called Jean to tell her we had found a home for Gray Cat - ours!  Later that day my wife and kids travelled out to Jean's house to pick of Gray Cat!

A local vet has agreed to neuter and vaccinate Gray Cat for free!  We haven't yet settled on a new name for Gray Cat but there is one thing we are sure about - his rescue was a real Easter miracle!

4-19-2016 Update:  Gray Cat has been renamed Milagro (Spanish for Miracle), but we call him "Milo".  He and our other two cats get along great and we feel like he has always been a part of our home!