Twilight's Rescue

The AC went out at Twilight's house so his humans had all the windows open.  Twilight, who had never been outside, saw his chance to experience "freedom" and snuck out when no one was looking.  Next thing his family knew he was stuck in a tree in the backyard mewing for help.  I got the rescue request Sunday morning but didn't have time until Monday morning to attempt the rescue.  Monday morning at 5:30am I woke up to an intense thunderstorm and immediately thought of poor Twilight suffering through the storm.

I headed out ASAP and found Twilight stuck about 30 feet up a slender sweet gum tree bent under the burden of 20 years worth of heavy vines.  In the video you may catch glimpses of the laundry basket, ropes, and sneaker (throw weight) - evidence of Twilight's family's attempts to help him down.

Twilight was super cooperative and came to me as soon as I broke through the vines near him.  The vines were so much in the way that I couldn't get Twilight into the rescue bag so he took a ride down in my arms.

I got to hang out with Twilight on the front step for about 10 minutes until his owner, Megan, returned from taking a family member to work.  Thanks to everyone who has donated to for making this rescue possible!