Reese's Rescue

I got a call on Mother's day from a very concerned family who had found their missing cat 40 feet up a loblolly pine in their neighbor's backyard.  When I told my sweet wife the situation and asked whether she would be willing to postpone a special dinner the kids and I planned for her, she (without hesitation) suggested we do the rescue immediately together!  So my youngest son, my wife, and I drove out to give Reese a gentle ride down from his precarious perch.  

Reese is a 6 month old black kitten and as adorable as can be. The tree he chose to climb didn't have any strong limbs above him, but a nearby tree had a 70 foot branch that was strong enough to hold my weight.  There were lots of interested/concerned kids and adults present during the rescue, and as is often the case, I got to teach them a little about tree climbing, too.

When I level with Reese and swung over to check on him he just stayed still and watched me with his big yellow eyes.  When I brought him into my lap and put him in the rescue bag he never said a word, but was clearly glad to be with me.

This was a fun rescue because Reese's family of adorable kids, loving parents, and energetic dog all welcomed us inside to see the reunion with Reese.   We got home with enough time to have a late Mother's Day dinner.  My wife said she couldn't imagine a better Mother's Day celebration!