Frankie's Rescue

Perhaps Frankie understood that he had a vet appointment the next day, but, for whatever reason, he decided to climb a tall tulip tree and ended up getting stuck… for 7 days!  I got a call the morning of day 7 (long after the vet appointment went unused) and knew I needed to attempt the rescue ASAP.

Frankie’s family reported that he has been usually skittish since they moved to their current house in the country a few months ago.  I hoped that wouldn’t translate to a difficult rescue, but alas my hope for a straight forward rescue evaporated as soon as I got close to Frankie.  He had enough residual energy despite not eating or drinking for a week to lead me on a goose chase around the tree.

As it became clear that I wasn’t going to get close enough to Frankie to get him into the rescue bag, I turned to using the large fishing net I have used successfully on a couple of recalcitrant kitties in the past.  As you can see from the video, Frankie was not keen on being netted either and he jumped from the net before I could restrain him.  He fell 20 feet but was unharmed and showed up back at the house for food and water within a couple of hours.

In Frankie's Rescue video you can see the challenge of using a simple fishing net to rescue a scared cat. I would like to buy a Freeman rescue net that is meant for rescuing cats. The Freeman net is large and sturdy, but most importantly, it has a quick action lanyard to seal the cat in the net so it can't leap out like Frankie did. The only problem is the net costs $133.

If anyone reading this post is willing to donate part of the cost of the net so that I can more effectively rescue kitties like Frankie and bring them safely back to their owners, I (and them) would be very grateful. You can donate any amount directly to this cause via credit card or paypal at

Thank you everyone for your support and likes! I will update everyone here when I have received enough donations to purchase the net.

If you are interested, here's a link to the net: You can see the net in action during a difficult cat rescue at 2 minutes 30 seconds in this youtube video: