Pumpkin's Rescue

Pumpkin is the 47th kitty I have rescued and her's was my most challenging rescue to date.  She had been in the tree for 5 days and was stuck at about 80 feet high.  The steep angle of the limb she was on, and the lack of tie in points anywhere except for where she was located, made getting the last 20 feet to her a very arduous task.

Pumpkin is a much loved farm cat living with a family of 6 kids, 2 hard working parents, and a bunch of farm animals.  Even Magnolia, the friendly family cow, made her way from the pasture to watch the rescue.

Pumpkin's rescue would probably not have been possible if Pumpkin herself wasn't so cooperative.  Many times she attempted the treacherous descent toward me down the steep limb she was on, but she kept getting scared and always headed back to her starting spot.  In the end I was able to get all the way up to Pumpkin and get her into my arms.  She was purring so loudly at that point that my helmet camera picked up the sound.

This video is a little on the longer side because there was so much great footage of Pumpkin, beautiful views of the setting sun and the idyllic farm landscape, not to much the kids reaction when I brought Pumpkin back to them safe and sound.  If you want to skip to the climax of the rescue it is at 4 min 20 seconds in.