Mittens' Rescue

A big thank you to all those who donate to the Rescue Relief Fund (, because you made Mitten's rescue possible!

Mittens was stuck high in the uppermost branches of a tree in the front yard of her owner's house.  Her owner, who recently moved to the area and is still looking for work, was desperate to find someone who could get Mitten's safely back home.

I climbed an adjacent tree and pulled myself over to Mittens.  She was pretty nervous and didn't want any check rubbing or head scratching so I had to make a quick scruff grab and an equally quick slip into the rescue bag.  Soon she was happily back in her owner's arms.

This rescue was funded by donors to the rescue relief fund.  If you would like to donate any amount small or large to help me defray the costs of rescuing kitties whose owners aren't in a position to pay the modest rescue fee that I charge, please visit

Thank you!!