Clover's Rescue

What do you do if you're an animal control officer and your cat gets stuck in a tree?  You call "Help My Cat is Stuck in a Tree".  That's what happened to Officer Brad and his kitty Clover-Dill.  Clover was stuck in a beautiful willow oak in the back yard.  Problem was the tree was absolutely covered in poison ivy.  Fortunately the back side of the tree was less infectious and I was able to climb without much exposure.  I did have to tie off my climbing line to the back deck of the house 40 feet from the tree so the rope didn't get coated in ivy oil, though.

Even though it was her third day in the tree, Clover seemed content in her comfortable perch in a big limb union about 35 feet up the tree.  When I got to her she was in no mood to be put in the rescue bag and it took two tries to get her to let go of the tree.

The end of the video shows a somewhat confused Clover exiting the rescue bag in Officer Brad's living room, wondering how she got back inside.