Feral Kitty Rescue

This kitty from a feral colony is cared for by an elderly woman in Greensboro who loving feeds him everyday.  The woman had been sitting on her front porch for many days watching and hoping this cat would come down.  When she explained the situation to a kind neighbor-friend, he called animal control who gave him my number.

I came out first thing the next morning, meowed with the kitty from the ground, and started into the beautiful red oak expecting a straightforward rescue.  When I got into the tree however the kitty went to the far edge of the crown and wouldn't come back to me no matter what I tried.  After 30 minutes of waiting, singing, calling, and later, gentle shaking and prodding, I decided to cut the branch the kitty was on and pull it toward me.  That worked as planned and I got the cat in my open-top rescue net, but as I tried to get him into the rescue bag he climbed out of the net, over me, back toward the trunk of the tree, jumped onto the grass below from a low branch and ran off across the street.

The kitty and I want to thank all those who donate to the rescue relief fund because you all made this rescue possible.  Thank you!