Emily's Looney Tunes Rescue

Emily is a much beloved outdoor cat with a sidekick kitty named Leon.  Emily and Leon live on Susan's front porch where they are pampered with treats, daily food, and soft cushions to sleep on.  Sunday night or Monday morning Emily climbed up the tree in the front yard for an unknown reason and couldn't figure out how to get down.  Leon waited at the base of the tree Monday night meowing with Emily, but he couldn't coax her down.  Susan nor her husband could coax Emily down either.  Emily was in the tree for her fifth day when I arrived on Friday morning to lend a hand.

I never know what to expect on a given rescue attempt and this is especially true with a purely outdoor cat like Emily (nothing personal, Emily).  Emily pulled what I refer to as a Looney Tunes rescue - as I went up one side of the tree, she came right down the other side. She got more and more nervous about my presence the closer to her I got and her stranger danger fears overcame her height fears, leading her to attempt a controlled kitty descent from the tree.  The pictures above show it all.  She was a natural at backing down the trunk, turning around at about 5 feet high, and jumping the rest of the way safely to the ground.

Within 30 minutes of the rescue Emily and Leon were catching up with each other on the front porch over a bowl of cat food. Hopefully if Emily ever finds herself in a tree again, she will remember that she knows the easiest way down.