Nala's rescue

Nala was chased up a tree by a couple of free roaming dogs that got into her fenced back yard on a hot summer day.  She spent a few sweltering days in the tree top before I was called to rescue her.  Her loving and resourceful family had tried all kinds of engineering marvels to try to get her down, but at 50 feet high in a dense canopy, Nala was just too high for them to be able to help her.

Because Nala was on the only perch in her tulip tree that I could safely assess from the ground and since I didn't want to disturb her in the process of rigging her tree, I decided to climb a nearby maple tree and swing over to her for the rescue.  In the picture you can see Nala in the tulip tree on the left with her glowing eyes from the camera flash.  All went well and Nala did not stray far from her original location during the entire rescue.  After a small hiss of protest I got her into the rescue bag and lowered her to her relieved family.  Thanks to Nala's "Mum" for the rescue photo.