Rescuing Bib

Bib was still a kitten and her adoptive family had just taken her in a few weeks before the rescue. When Bib didn't show up as expected one morning, the family spread word of her disappearance around the neighborhood.   Just as the family was beginning to think they wouldn't see her again, they found her about 25 feet up in a loblolly pine in the front yard.  After unsuccessfully trying to coax her down, Karen (the mom of the house) called animal control for advice and they gave her my contact information.

The process of getting a line in the tree scared Bib out to the end of her branch and she stayed out there for the rest of the rescue.  Fortunately there was a sturdy limb above her that I could transfer to to get out to her.  Eventually, Bib warmed up to me and ventured close enough that I could safely get her into the cat bag and back on firm ground.  I love this photo Karen took of her daughter and Bib getting reacquainted after the rescue.