Rescuing Grits

I made my way to Grits' house about 45 minutes before sunset. Grits' human, Steve, took me about 100 yards into the woods across the street where, earlier that day, his wife had found Grits by following his plaintiff meows.  Grits was about 80% up a chestnut oak on the highest limb that could have possibly held me.  I saw no way to get a line in Grits' tree, so I climbed an adjacent tree and used my lanyard to pull the trees together. 

Once I pulled Grits' tree over to me as far as I could, he was still just out of arms reach, but fortunately Grits knew I was his ticket to safety.  He and I stretched toward each other just enough that I could nab him and help him into the cat bag for a controlled ride down to Steve.