TK's (2nd) Rescue

I'm lucky enough to get to rescue some cats twice, and such was the case with TK!  The first time was this past June when TK was discovered in a tree in a neighbor's back yard.  This time TK ventured up a tree in another neighbor's from yard.  In fact, he was in a red oak right near a busy corner above a sidewalk.  He would call down to every person passing under him to ask for help.  He spent one long night in the tree, and the next morning kids who were waiting for the school bus at the corner were all concerned about his plight.

I came out later that morning to help TK get back to the arms of his loving owner. TK made the rescue a breeze and the only thing that could have been smoother was my botched first attempt at getting him into the rescue bag.  Thankfully he was pretty understanding, and the second attempt went off without a hitch.