Jessie's Rescue

Jessie is an indoor cat who has a knack for sneaking outside.  In fact her owners purchased a blue tooth kitty finder collar to locate her when she gets outside.  The device came in handy this past weekend when she ran outside and found her way up a woods grown oak tree behind the family's home.

I got the first call for the rescue late on a Friday evening after it was already dark.  I decided it was best to wait until the next day to attempt the rescue.  As is so often the case with devoted cat people, Jessie's human Mom slept out in the woods at the base of the tree in case Jessie fell during the night or made her way down the tree.

When morning came Jessie was still up the tree at her 30 foot perch.  I was able to come shortly after lunch that day.  It was immediately confirmed that a night time rescue would have been ill advised because of undergrowth so dense that it made getting a line into the tree very difficult even in the daylight.  Since there were no branches above Jessie that I would trust my life to, I stayed tied into a shorter tree nearby that had stronger limbs for most of the climb.

Even though the tree was not ideal for an easy rescue, Jessie couldn't have been more cooperative.  Once I finally got to her, the rescue itself was quite straight forward.  Since I was tied into three places and my descent would be slow, I lowered Jessie in the rescue bag to her devoted family before descending myself.