Kitten in crawl space

This cat rescuing adventure was with my cat rescuing side kick, Jed. We were called to rescue a kitten who was stuck in the crawl space under a cat-lover's town house. The kitten appears to have been abandoned by its mother since it would have been simple for the mother to retrieve the kitten from where it was. Me, on the other hand, being much larger than a mother cat, and not super fond of cob webs and tight spaces, had a much harder time getting to the kitten. But in the end the forlorn cries of the kitten spurred me on to success.

The lady in the picture tried to feed the little guy some wet food, but he had no idea what to do with it leading us to believe he hasn't yet been weened. As we left to go home, one of the kind ladies was heading out to the pet store to buy kitten formula and bottles so she can nurse the little guy until he is old enough to be adopted.