Oliver’s Rescue

I got a call from an employee at an ACE hardware store in Greensboro saying she noticed a cat stuck in a tree behind the business.  Apparently it had been there since sometime that morning.  I suggested they wait for a few hours to see if it would come down, but it hadn’t by the end of the work day.  Usually I recommend waiting 24 hours before attempting a rescue, but my schedule that evening was open and I wouldn’t have time again for the next two days.  

I suggested that the woman try to find the owners or make a plan to care for the cat until the owners could be found.  She very nicely said she would be glad to care for it, and when her shift ended she knocked on doors to see if anyone knew who the cat belonged to. The owner of the cat was located quickly - she was actually a fellow ACE employee - and she found out the cat is named Oliver!  

I got to the tree with about 30 minutes of daylight to spare and for once everything went perfectly.  I got a line in the tree on the first try (almost unheard of), Oliver stayed put in the tree right near the trunk, and when I got up to him he was happy to let me hold him and then put him in the rescue bag.

Because it was twilight there are no pictures of video of Oliver's rescue - sorry!