Bunny's Rescue

Bunny is an indoor cat whose curiosity got the better of her when she escaped through a propped back door.  She ran up a tree as her human owners tried to bring her back to the warmth and safety of her perfectly appointed indoor kitty palace.

Bunny's mom called me to ask for help during the first few hours of Bunny's ordeal.  She couldn't imagine leaving Bunny outside during the night and was worried that if Bunny did come down at night, she wouldn't know how to get back inside.

I arrived just as night was beginning to fall.  Bunny had a hard time trusting me and in response to my initial approach she daringly jumped from her 40 foot high perch in one tree to the ivy-laden trunk of another tree 5 feet away.  (That's at 1:10 in the video).

The next interaction was more successful partly because Bunny was tangled among the ivy branches of the second tree and was no longer trying to get away from me.  By the time Bunny and I were back on terra firme, the sun had already set and complete darkness was fast approaching.

It was a pleasure meeting Bunny and every member of her family!  Thanks to their generous donation, the Rescue Fee Relief Fund (http://rescuemycat.blogspot.com/p/donate.html) has been infused with enough capital to allow me to rescue kitties regardless of their owners' ability to pay.  Thank you again for that lifesaving donation in Bunny's name!