Oscar's Rescue

Oscar wasn't able to stay inside with his family due to some embarrassing medical issues so he went to live at his "grandparents" home in the country.  The thing is he was raised an indoor cat and doesn't really know how to live outside.  Soon after the move he fell into an old well.  Fortunately, there was a metal grate above the water level and the well is wide enough that a nice man could drop a ladder into the well to rescue him.  The following week he climbed a tree in the backyard and couldn't get down. 

I got the call on Oscar's 4th day in the tree.  He was high in a storm damaged black walnut.  I climbed as far as I dared in the tree and then employed all my cat-whisperer tricks to entice Oscar to come the remaining 5 feet to me.  He was a brave kitty and it was clear he knew I was his ticket out of the tree.  Once I had him in my arms he kept chirping and trilling happily all the way to the ground.