Georgia's Rescue

Georgia was rescue number 100 and what a sweet and helpful kitty she was for such a momentous milestone.  Georgia the kitten had just shown up at this family's home about three weeks before.  One day she didn't come to the porch to eat, but they could hear her crying somewhere nearby.  After a lot of searching on a poison ivy covered slope they figured she was stuck in a tree although they hadn't been able to get a visual confirmation of which tree she was in.  I arrived on Georgia's second day in the tree and within a couple of minutes of calling back and forth to her I made visual contact and pointed out Georgia's location to her relieved owners.

When I arrived Georgia was about 60 feet up the tree, but as often happens, the process of getting my climbing line into the tree made little Georgia very nervous.  What occurred next doesn't often happen (thankfully) and that is that Georgia emptied her bladder and bowels from up in the tree.  Thankfully I was aware enough of what was happening to move my gear out of range.  After relieving herself, Georgia found the courage to climb down the tree about 40 feet and then sat tight on a branch about 20 feet up.  That is where the video picks up and shows her sweetness during the in tree rescue.