Lucy's Rescue

Lucy and her human mom had just moved to Durham, NC from the west coast and was just getting used to a new place.  On Sunday Lucy's mom decided it was time to introduce Lucy to the back yard, but once outside in a new place Lucy promptly hoped the fence into the neighbor's yard.  What she didn't realize was that there is a dog living there.  There was a bit of a tussle and after putting up a bit of a fight Lucy ran up a tree in the neighbor's yard.  Lucy's mom was worried because she couldn't tell if Lucy was hurt plus she didn't want her to come down when the dog was out, or come down and not know where to go.

She called me even though Lucy had only been in the tree for a few hours and fortunately their house was on my way as I was leaving town.  As you can see in the video, Lucy basically rescued herself since the alternative seemed to be interacting with me.  She did a great job of climbing down safely on her own via the garage roof, and with some gentle coaxing by her human mom was let back inside without any trouble.  All reports are that Lucy is unscathed from her afternoon ordeal.