Millie's Rescue

Millie was stuck in a tree about 40 feet high unable to get down and she had her human mom and dad both very worried.  Millie is not too trusting of strangers so this rescue was a little harder than some.  Early on as I was still on the ground rigging the tree Millie for the climb, Millie got a little spooked and jumped about 5 feet from one tree to another.  I switch my attention to finding a good tie in point on the second tree and while getting me rope into the tree Millie  climbed from about 20 feet high to 40 feet high and went a good way out onto a limb.

As I got climbed close to Millie she was clearly suspicious of my motives and ended up going further out on the limb away from me.  It was then that I realized I hadn't brought my rescue net or rescue pole - both of which would have been very helpful in that scenario.  Instead I resorted to a more home grown option to get Millie to come back toward me.  Watch the video to see the safe and successful conclusion.