Findus' Rescue

Findus is a 9 year old hefty cat who was chased up a tree by an unleashed dog.  He got his name from a Swedish children's book about a farmer and his cat Findus.

I came to rescue Findus after his second night in the tree.  The rescue was pretty straight forward until I tried to put Findus into the rescue bag.  He was in no mood for that and popped out of the bag backwards like he was full of springs.  I just about lost my grip on him at 30 feet in the tree.  Somehow I was able to grab him with one hand in mid air and pull him back to my chest.  I kept a tight hold on him and decided to resort to the scruff bag instead of the canvas rope bag.  It is hard to know which type of bag a cat will prefer until you try it!

Findus belongs to a woman named Lou who is a professional cat sitter.  Lou is an ardent cat lover and one of a friend and client named Sarah was also on site to watch the rescue and help hold a quilt in case Findus fell during the rescue. Sarah said that Lou's reputation as a cat sitter is so well known that people coordinate their vacation plans with Lou to be sure she will be able to watch their pets.  If you want to see Lou's website here's the link: