Nala's Rescue

This was the second time Nala and I met.  The first was just 3 weeks ago when she climbed a tree in her front yard.  That time she got so excited when her human mom came outside and pointed me to Nala's position that she started pacing on the branch, lost her balance, fell, and ended up clinging to the underside of the branch for 20-30 seconds.  It was enough time for her owner and I to get a tarp under Nala, but alas when she fell she was deflected by a lower branch and ended up brushing past my arm instead of landing in the tarp.  She was fine that day, but apparently did not learn her lesson.

Fast forward three weeks and I got another email from Nala's mom informing me that Nala was in another tree - this time much higher - about 70 feet!  Nala spent two freezing nights in the tree and I came the afternoon of her third day in the tree just as the sun was beginning to set.

The rescue was somewhat challenging due to Nala location near the tippy top of the tree.  There were no places above Nala to tie in to so getting the last 10 feet to Nala was a bit difficult.  She was scared and let me know it by her long meows.  Thankfully she did not try to avoid me and with a little coaxing I got her into the rescue bag.

Sadly, it appears that Nala was in a fight with another animal, which may be why she climbed the tree.  She had a nasty gash on her forehead, but her owners will be nursing her back to health in a warm home with plenty of treats.

Two reporters from the local newspaper came to chronicle this rescue.  The write up appeared on the front page of the local newspaper along with a bunch of photos!  Click here to read the full story.