Powder's Rescue

Powder is a one and a half year old female kitty who snuck out through a torn window screen one night during a thunder storm.  In response to a loud clap of thunder she went right up a long leaf pine right next to her owner's home.  Her owner, Takara, heard Powder mewing for two days before she realized Powder was stuck high in the tree above.  Calls to the police, animal control, and animal shelters didn't provide any concrete and useful advice, but thankfully Takara found my website and gave me a call.

Powder was stuck in a tree in Fayetteville, NC, about 115 miles away.  I tried to find someone closer who could do the rescue, but was unable to find someone in time.  I got to Powder's house late in the evening of her 5th day in the tree.  She was walking around in the upper canopy of the 50 foot tall long leaf pine and mewing as I worked to set my line - both good signs especially given the high heat the last week.  As is often the case, the kitty in need of rescue was very wary to the point that I was just about out of tricks when a solution popped into my head after being in the tree with powder for almost an hour.

I have to include this note that Powder's family sent after the rescue.  It makes me smile every time I read it.

Thank you soooo much Patrick ... this is Takara's and Powder's mom .. Patrick did an awesome job rescuing our beloved kitten and I can't thank him enough.  Patrick showed so much patience and he sacrificed a long distance drive from Greensboro, NC to our humble home in Fayetteville NC .. I didn't know that there were people still left on the planet with such kindness and spirit .. My daughter and I are forever indebted to him.  We love you Patrick! ~~~~smiling~~~~ and Thankh you again!  What a wonderful WONDERFUL MAN YOU ARE!  May the universe continue to bestow infinite blessings upon you and your loved ones ... with every moment .. ETERNALLY!  (((Hugggsss)))