Rescuing Jojo

Jojo, an indoor cat, managed to slip outside to enjoy some "freedom", but almost immediately after finding herself outside she ran 35 feet up the 80 foot white oak in her front yard when the neighbor's dog started barking at her.  I went out to lend a hand on her 3rd day in the tree.  Even though she is a tame cat, Jojo is very fearful and when I got to her she hissed and clawed at my gloved hand - not a good sign for an easy rescue.  After one failed attempt to get her into the rescue bag, she was REALLY in no mood to come anywhere near me.  I got some food from Jojo's family and spread it on a level part of the limb Jojo was on and backed off a few feet. After about 30 minutes of waiting she eventually came to the food and while she was preoccupied with the food I made the grab.