Cleo's Rescue

On a warm November day I got to rescue the sweetest little kitten, Cleo. She is an indoor cat that got out accidentally while the family was on a trip. When they got back and found out 6 month old Cleo was missing they were concerned to say the least. Eventually they found her high in a tree in their front yard. Cleo's human Mom spent a rainy night outside sitting in a lawn chair reassuring Cleo that help was on the way. They found my website, called me in the morning, and I arrived later that day to attempt the rescue.  In the process of setting my line amid the undergrowth and numerous branches, Cleo got scared and moved 15 feet higher in the tree. I climbed as close to her as I could and she climbed down to me the best she knew how. We stretched and met in the middle. Most cats I've rescued are not nearly as cooperative as Cleo. She even let me hold her back inside as she took a break from gulping down her food and water. Thanks to Cleo's human dad, Stephen, for the rescue picture.