Sugar's Rescue

Sugar was a fun rescue in part because she was as sweet as sugar, and in part because I got to see more of the rescue cycle than I normally do.  Usually I lower the rescued kitty down to his/her owners while I am still in the tree, and they whisk their baby off inside where fresh food, water, and a pristine litter box are waiting.  I rarely get to see the rescuee on the ground much.

In Sugar's case, though, the family was not at home when I did the rescue so they had arranged for me to release Sugar onto the screened porch.  The video below shows the highlights of the rescue including the adorable release of Sugar from the rescue bag into the porch and her happily gobbling up some much needed food.

Sugar was in the tree in her family's side yard for two rainy and cold days. I got her down just before a night where the temperature dipped below freezing.